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With over 100 years’ experience between us, our team of locksmiths know a thing or two about locks! But often, the terminology used to differentiate one lock from another can be baffling. With this in mind, we’ve looked to explain a handful of the most commonly employed locks you’ll find in properties around the Finchley area. If you have any questions regarding the below, call a Barnet Lock Centre locksmith right away on 020 8440 3218.


Common Locks Explained


Night Latch Lock – This is a type of rim lock that uses a large latch bolt to lock your door. The bolt fits into housing that’s mounted to the door frame. When closed, the door bolt engages with the housing. Night latch locks can be operated from the inside (via a small knob) or outside (with the key) of the Finchley property in which they’re fitted.


A night latch lock employs a mechanism called a snib. This is simply a small sliding catch which keeps the lock’s bolt in the correct position. Night latch locks are a very popular solution amongst homeowners in and around the Finchley area, and if you’re interested in purchasing one, our locksmith has many different styles to choose from.


Deadbolt Lock – A deadbolt lock is one of the most secure locks that a locksmith can install. It’s relatively simple, as far as locks go. It is operated manually with a key and usually features a 1” throw (this is the length that the bolt extends from the lock housing and into the door frame). There are two main types of deadbolt locks that we sell to customers around the Finchley area: single-cylinder and double-cylinder.


A single-cylinder deadbolt lock is operated from the outside and features a turn button on the inside. Its double-cylinder cousin can be operated with a key from the inside and outside. The latter style of deadbolt lock is better than a single-cylinder deadbolt lock when employed in doors that have glass in or around them. This stops a burglar from breaking the glass and reaching around to push the turn button.


Mortice Lock – Unlike rim locks, mortice locks are found inside the door itself, rather than mounted to it. They are available in both deadlock and sashlock styles. A sashlock features a latch that holds the door in the closed position, while a deadlock purely features the bolt that either locks or unlocks the door.


Mortice locks will open from both sides of the door and are available in both left and right handed varieties. Our locksmith recommends mortice locks to Finchley homeowners who want an extra level of security or a certain antique aesthetic about their property, as mortice locks are a mainstay feature in traditional English homes.


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