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One growing concern for our locksmith is “lock snapping”. This refers to a method that burglars are increasingly using to break into homes in Hemel Hempstead and the wider UK. It only works on certain, low-grade eurolocks. Quality locks will withstand lock snapping, but there is a chance that your door contains an inferior eurolock that will leave your property vulnerable to intrusion. If you suspect it does, we urge you to contact our locksmith.


Lock snapping sees a would-be burglar break a lock cylinder to manipulate the lock open. This works even on multi-point locking doors, as the cylinder controls each catch used. As it requires no specialist tools or any particular skill, it’s no wonder that lock snapping is on the up, with police statistics showing that nearly one in four burglars use it.


Obviously, we’d be a bad locksmith if we went into precise detail on how to snap a lock (you never know who could be reading this). But we can go into detail on what locks are resistant to snapping. If you’re looking to invest in a quality lock that will resist break-in attempts, contact our Hemel Hempstead-based locksmith today.


Protecting Against Lock Snapping


There are a number of official standards that grade the security and quality of locks. The below three locks will withstand snapping when installed properly by a qualified locksmith, like our own near Hemel Hempstead.


SS312 Diamond Approved Standard – The SS stands for Solid Secure, and is a standard developed by the Master Locksmiths Association, an industry body that Barnet Lock Centre Ltd is a member of. SS312 Diamond has become the highest standard a lock can meet. It is constantly updated to ensure it remains such. The test now includes a section on resistance to snapping. So for full peace of mind, invest in a SS312 Diamond Approved eurolock from our locksmith in Hemel Hempstead.


TS007 3 Star – Another option is a TS007 3 Star cylinder. This is a BSI Kitemark specification. It’s easy to tell these locks apart from the crowd, as the BSI Kitemark is signified by a heart-shaped mark with a set number of stars above it. Three stars and you’ve got a lock that will be extremely hard to snap, even by the most experienced of burglars.


1 Star Kitemarked Cylinder – However, a 1 Star BSI Kitemark lock can actually put up a fight against lock snapping, but only when combined with 2 Star Kitemarked door furniture (e.g. handles). Our Hemel Hempstead locksmith would not advise using a 1 Star BSI Kitemark lock with unmarked door furniture, especially in areas of Hemel Hempstead that are particularly vulnerable to burglary.


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