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Below we’ve provided some more information on the locks sold by our two outlets in Barnet and Hemel Hempstead. While you can also buy any of the locks detailed below by visiting our online store, if you live nearby Barnet,  Finchley, Whetstone or the surrounding local areas why not visit our locksmith personally? Both of our outlets benefit from strong local transportation links and are easily reached from locations all across Greater London and Hertfordshire.

Locks We Supply and Fit

Furniture Locks – Barnet Lock Centre Ltd sells two varieties of furniture lock: camlocks and cabinet locks. Camlocks have either a square or round head and come in all sorts of sizes. They have a rotating chamber toward the back of the lock, and tens of thousands of different key types. This makes them a very secure access solution.


Our cabinet locks are suitable for both commercial application and home use. They’re especially popular among retailers based in the Barnet, Hemel Hempstead, Finchley and Whetstone areas. Barnet Lock Centre’s range of furniture locks includes locks for glass cabinets and lockers.

Rim Locks – A rim lock is a lock that’s fitted to a door’s surface. There are many different types of rim lock: rim slamlocks, deadlocks, latches and cylinder night latches. We stock rim locks from industry leading manufacturers like ERA, Yale, Union and Ingersoll. All of the rim locks we sell hold the highest level of British Security Certification.


We stock left-handed and right-handed slamlocks, and both budget and high-end rim deadlocks from Legge, Marston and other reputable manufacturers. Our rim latches are generally sourced from Union. These locks are reversible and feature a latch bolt that can be drawn from either side.

a special lock
a pad lock

Mortice Locks – A mortice lock is one that’s set within the body of a door. There are a variety of types of mortice lock, including: mortice latches, night latches, sliding door locks, deadlocks, sashlocks and metal door locks. Our locksmith stocks mortice locks from Adams Rite LEGGE, Union, ERA and Ingersoll, amongst a number of other brands.


If you’re looking to replace an existing mortice lock then be sure to figure out its size and whether it’s a sashlock or deadlock. Deadlocks are usually featured on front doors, while sashlocks tend to be employed on back doors. Unsure what type of mortice lock you require? Give us a call on 020 8440 3218.

Padlocks – Our locksmith also sells quality padlocks from manufacturers including Abus, Kasp, Squire, Master and Ingersoll. The Barnet Lock Centre Ltd range runs from economy padlocks, all the way through to premium, high security padlocks. It includes:


• Lever Padlocks

• Cylinder Padlocks

• Solid Brass Body Padlocks

• Combination Padlocks

• KASP Padlocks

• Padbars & Hasps

Digital Locks – Barnet Lock Centre also serves as the Barnet, Hemel Hempstead, Finchley and Whetstone areas’ premier supplier of digital locks. Typically employed in commercial and industrial environments, digital locks don’t require keys, making them an ideal access solution in situations where many people will be regularly using the same door. The alternative, cutting keys for every user, is both inconvenient and could pose a security risk.

Digital locks use a button-press combination that you can change as and when you like. They’re available as low duty, medium duty or heavy duty locks. Which best suits you depends on how you’re applying them. Heavy duty locks are a must when it comes to securing vulnerable or high-risk areas, for example a room with a safe in it.

Mul-T-Locks – Mul-T-Lock is a worldwide leader in the development of high security locking products. It combines both access control and traditional locking mechanisms to create tailor made security solutions. Our locksmith is proud to serve as the Barnet, Hemel Hempstead, Finchley and Whetstone areas’ only approved Mul-T-Lock dealer.


Their product range includes oval and euro profile door cylinders, as well as padlocks designed for low, mid and high-risk applications. For more information on how Mul-T-Lock products can safeguard your property,

call 020 8440 3218.

Access Control – Finally, we also sell access control solutions. This includes electronic keypads designed and manufactured by ACT and Bewater, and electronic release locking mechanisms from Adam Rite. All of the aforementioned manufacturers have fantastic reputations, and set the gold standard in access control.

In commercial environments, access control solutions are a fantastic way to ensure that restricted areas are only accessed by authorised personnel. On top of supplying many companies around Barnet, Finchley, Whetstone or the surrounding local areas with locks and access control solutions, we also stock a range of fire prevention, safety and security products from the brand Fire Deterrent, including:


• “Break Glass for Key” Boxes

• Dummy CCTV Cameras

• Acrylic Mirrors

• Ultra Violet Lamps

Have a question regarding the locks we sell? Call the Barnet Lock Centre Ltd team on 020 8440 3218.