Barnet Lock Centre - Safe Supplier for Hertfordshire & Greater London

In addition to locks and keys, we supply safes to homeowners and companies in Barnet, Hemel Hempstead, Finchley, Whetstone and all surrounding areas. Our locksmith carries everything from heavy duty safes that offer the highest level of security, ideal for commercial and industrial use, to small but sturdy cash boxes.


Below we’ve looked to provide some more information on the different types of safe we stock. If you have any questions regarding our safes, don’t hesitate to contact us. Do you live nearby our Barnet or Hemel Hempstead outlets? Pay us a visit and see our safes first hand. If you don’t live in a nearby Hertfordshire or Greater London town, like Finchley or Whetstone for example, visit our online store by clicking here.

A Safe for All Situations

Cash Boxes – Our locksmith is one of the Barnet, Hemel Hempstead, Finchley and Whetstone areas’ leading suppliers of ASEC cash boxes. Ideal for the storage of petty cash, these are available in five sizes ranging from 150mm (height) x 112m (width) x 103mm (depth), to 300mm x 240mm x 93mm.

Don’t let their compact size fool you. They feature a high quality lock and can withstand a fair bit of punishment! All come with a glossy, distinctive blue finish and feature an internal compartment that allows you to separate and organise coins and notes.

a safe

Fire Resistant Safes – We also sell two fire resistant safes manufactured by Firecracker. These safes are built with double skinned steel, which is flame-retardant. This material is placed between an interior and exterior surface for added protection. Firecracker safes use a 6-lever lock system, making them extremely secure and designed to resist forced criminal entry. They measure 140mm (length) x 355mm (width) x 260mm (depth), and come in both underfloor and cupboard varieties.

So if you’re situated in or around the Barnet, Hemel Hempstead, Finchley or Whetstone areas and in the market for a safe, visit our locksmith in person or our online store here. All our safes have extremely secure locks designed to keep out those who’d like access to your valuables.

Under Floor Safes – While cash boxes are handy and compact, it may be that you require a larger, high-security safe to keep your money, paperwork and valuable possessions secure. This is why we supply the Barnet,  Finchley, Whetstone or the surrounding local areas with under-floor safes. These stay true to their namesakes, and are a discrete hidden security solution.

We sell ASEC safes that are designed to be placed under an existing floorboard, and similar safes designed to be stored/hidden in cupboards. Both types of safe come in two sizes. The standard size is 13.5in (length) x 8in (width) x 5in (depth). The larger size is wider, measuring 13.5in x 12in x 5in.

For quality safes suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, contact Barnet Lock Centre on 020 8440 3218.